Kepler Communications Announces Successful Launch of 8 New GEN1 Satellites

TORONTO, ONTARIO, January 24th, 2021 – Kepler Communications welcomed eight new satellites into their constellation today, further expanding the active constellation to 13 satellites in total. These eight satellites, KEPLER-8 through KEPLER-15, were successfully launched via SpaceX’s first dedicated SmallSat Rideshare Program mission at approximately 10:00 AM EDT this morning. Once fully operational within the constellation these will significantly increase the capacity of Kepler’s Global Data Services offering.

Kepler Communications Awards Service Agreement to Momentus

October 20th, 2020 –Santa Clara, CA –Momentus Inc. (“Momentus” or the “Company”), a commercial space company offering in-space infrastructure services, and Kepler Communications Inc. (“Kepler”), developer and operator of next-gen satellite communications technologies, have signed a launch service agreement to deploy two additional satellites for Kepler’s GEN1 constellation in 2021. Momentus’ rideshare service will include launch provisions and delivery to the customer’s desired orbital altitude while maintaining the SSO inclination using Momentus’ Vigoride transfer vehicle.

Cobham SATCOM and Kepler Communications achieve best-in-class data rates on maritime satellite terminals over LEO network

Toronto, Canada and Copenhagen, Denmark –October 062020 – Cobham SATCOM, a market leading provider of radio and satellite communications solutions, and Kepler Communications, a pioneer of nanosatellite telecommunications solutions, have today announced its completion of connectivity trials on Kepler’s low-Earth orbit (LEO) network with the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku antenna system. The companies demonstrated downlink rates of 150 Mbps and uplink rates of 130Mbps on a 65cm antenna with a 6W BUC over the Kepler LEO network. These data rates are the fastest achieved in an antenna of this class. Typically these speeds are only achieved on much larger antennas with bigger amplifiers and using much larger satellites.

Kepler Communications Announces Successful Launch of New GEN1 Satellites

Toronto, Ontario, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kepler Communications welcomed two new satellites into their constellation today, the first of Kepler’s new GEN1 satellites. The two satellites, KEPLER-4 and KEPLER-5, were successfully launched via a Soyuz rocket at approximately 07:20EDT this morning. Once fully commissioned these satellites will greatly increase the capacity of Kepler’s Global Data Services offering and expand Kepler’s narrowband availability, paving the way for early customer trials of Kepler’s EverywhereIoT service.

Kepler Communications Inc. recognized as a Great Place to Work® in Canada

September 24, 2020 — Kepler Communications Inc. is thrilled to be officially certified as a Great Place to Work®! Following an independent analysis conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute Canada, we’ve been awarded the certification. This is in recognition of our commitment to continuing to build a culture centered first and foremost on our people. We believe that while you may be able to go fast if you go alone, to go far, you need to go together.

Kepler Announces Successful Launch of Third Satellite

TORONTO, ONTARIO, September 3rd, 2020 – Kepler’s Low Earth Orbit constellation expanded earlier today with the successful launch of its third satellite. This satellite, internally referred to as TARS, was launched onboard the Arianespace Vega SSMS (Small Spacecraft Mission Service) from the Guiana Space Centre at approximately 01:51 UTC, with communication established shortly thereafter.

Exolaunch to Deliver Kepler’s Next-Generation Satellites into Orbit

Toronto, August 18th, 2020 – Kepler, a developer of next-generation satellite communications technologies, and Exolaunch, a rideshare launch and deployment solutions provider, signed a launch agreement for two of Kepler’s 6U XL satellites. Under the contract, Exolaunch will provide launch, mission management, integration and deployment services to Kepler’s satellites on a Soyuz rideshare mission, targeted for launch in September, 2020. With Exolaunch providing a quick turnaround for launch and deployment, Kepler now continues its rapid constellation development ahead of its 2020 launch plans.

Kymeta & Kepler Communications announce MOU to promote the delivery of Kepler LEO Satellite Services using the new Kymeta™ u8 Electronically Steered Antenna

Kymeta, the communications company that is completing the connectivity fabric for everything, everywhere, and Kepler Communications, a pioneer of software defined satellite communications, today announced at Satellite 2020 that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to integrate Kepler’s Global Data Service into the just-announced Kymeta™ u8 Terminal and Kymeta Connect™ offering.

Kepler Manufacturing Large Scale Satellite Constellation in Downtown Toronto

Kepler Communications, a Canadian satellite telecommunications pioneer, begins production in its newly commissioned satellite manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada. It is an essential step towards delivering the company’s proposed fleet of 140 satellites for high-capacity global connectivity services with applications in maritime, agriculture, research and exploration, government, and transportation