Satellite communications


Integrate our satellite connectivity solutions into your global operations and communicate like never before.
From small sensors to large oceanography vessels.

Wideband - Narrowband - Pole-to-Pole Network

A high bandwidth service
for bulk data transfer

Global Data ServiceTM gives organizations the ability to optimize the use of
their satellite bandwidth by routing delay tolerant data over an economic
store-and-forward link.

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radio wave radio source
everywhereIOT TM
One Network. One Standard. IoT made available everywhere

everywhereIOTTM provides a cellular-quality and standardized connection for Internet of Things devices through a globally available satellite service. From cities, to villages, to the ocean, and everywhere in between Kepler's solution will ensure smart devices will connect with a single service provider.

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Shipping vessel
Cargo train
Weather station
Heavy construction machinery
Latest news

Kepler Communications, a pioneer of nanosatellite telecommunications solutions, and Cobham SATCOM, a market-leading provider of radio and satellite communications solutions, have today announced a strategic partnership aimed at eliminating barriers to widespread adoption of high capacity data services over Kepler’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) network. Under the new arrangement, organizations evaluating Kepler’s ability to cost-effectively move multiple gigabytes of data per day around the globe can experience a fully managed trial of the service anywhere on the planet with no upfront CAPEX spend, no lengthy service commitment, and certified installation & support executed through Cobham SATCOM’s global Technical Service Partner network.

Victoria Alberto

The largest expedition ever to the high north, which set sail last September, has reached the North Pole with its crew of hundreds of scientists looking to study on of the planet’s least understood region. The research will reveal the actual speed and nature of global climate change.

Mark Michael

In the last few weeks, Kepler delivered the flight model for the TARS payload to be integrated with the satellite BUS, completing nearly 12 months of development and production efforts.

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Dive Deeper
Explore some of our downloadable content to learn more.
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