Kepler Validates SDA-Compatible Optical Technology For Space Data Relay Constellation 

TORONTO, ONTARIO – June 11, 2024 – Kepler Communications, a company building Internet connectivity for space, announces the successful validation of optical inter-satellite links (OISLs) between two data relay satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO).   During a commissioning and early operations phase, Kepler established optical inter-satellite links between two Pathfinder satellites equipped with Space Development […]

Kepler Partners To Develop In-Space Optical Communications Network for HydRON

Background of the Kepler network and Kepler's logo

TORONTO, ONTARIO – April 10, 2024 – Kepler Communications, Inc. has entered into an agreement with TESAT-Spacecom and Airbus Defence and Space to develop a high bandwidth optical communications network in low Earth orbit (LEO) to address emerging opportunities such as the European Space Agency’s (ESA) High Throughput Optical Network (HydRON) program. This marks a […]

[Payload] Enabling The Future of Space Communication With Laser Links

The rising demand—coupled with diminishing barriers to entry for satellite operators—has elevated the role of satellites in our everyday lives. Space-based comms are integral to our ability to connect to the internet, secure our communications, monitor our planet, and guide us on our roads and in our skies.