Internships & Co-Ops

Be involved in real projects in the space industry, working cross functionally across our teams. Many of our interns return back to Kepler, for their 2nd and 3rd internship and post graduation, working full time.

People & Culture

Ensure Kepler is functioning as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Simplify work processes so that others can focus on their strengths.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain team strives to create an agile and resilient ecosystem that integrates suppliers, partners, and internal teams into a seamless network. We are committed to enhancing efficiency, optimizing costs, and driving sustainability across the entire supply chain, from procurement to production till final customer delivery on ground or space!

Finance & Accounting

The Finance team works to ensure financial stability, robust risk management, and efficient resource allocation. We are dedicated to delivering accurate and timely financial information, providing comprehensive analysis, and offering strategic guidance that enables informed decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Business Development & Marketing

Be the first point of contact for users and organizations that can benefit from Kepler’s satellite communications solutions.

Product Management

Our Product Team oversees optimizing productization and nurturing product life cycle success from inception to market. They build a compelling story that clearly articulates Kepler products’ value prop.

Regulatory Affairs

Mix your technical knowledge with policy initiatives to interface with administrations around the world and help us secure access for our services.

Program Management

Manage Kepler’s resources, schedules, and priorities for hardware and software teams across various projects.

Service Operations

Operate a constellation of satellites and groundstations. Develop the satellite LEOP (launch and early orbit phase), commissioning and standard operating procedures and implement them in flight. Problem solve and troubleshoot anomalies to keep Kepler’s network running smoothly. Develop tools to increase efficiency and automation.


Scaling the build-out of our constellation; taking us from the point of building single satellites to tens at a time, not to mention hundreds of user terminals.