Global Data ServiceTM
A high bandwidth service for bulk data transfer
Global Data ServiceTM gives organizations the ability to optimize their satellite bandwidth by sending delay tolerant data over an economic store-and-forward data link.
How it works

We integrate the latest in high-throughput satellite technology with off-the-shelf antennas and modems and make it simple for enterprise to use satellite services. Economical, pole-to-pole global, and secure. Kepler’s network allows clients to send and receive bulk data - such as large media files, backlog files, and operational data - from every corner of the planet.

Choosing the right VSAT

Global Data ServiceTM is compatible with a wide variety of existing off-the-shelf steerable VSATs. Customers can choose from a list of certified equipment providers that best fits their needs and budget.
Existing VSATs can also be re-purposed for Global Data ServiceTM without the need to re-purpose additional antennas.

Connect directly to computers, laptops, USB and hard drives

Self-installed user terminals

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Schedule data delivery

Upload data to Kepler’s portal and schedule it for delivery to the satellite when in view.

Customers will be able to send and receive data at speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Data delivered within 12 hours.

User-friendly software interface

Access data remotely on demand

Regardless of where customers are located, they can securely send and receive information using our network. Save data on local servers to be transported by our satellites periodically.

We take care of the rest and deliver the data in the span of a few hours, making it available to geographically sparse teams via the internet.

For more sensitive data needs, we can establish direct private networks that ensure the data never touches the internet.

Reliable seamless connectivity

Truly global, pole-to-pole coverage

Solutions benefits
  • Affordable global connectivity
  • Reliable and secure network
  • High bandwidth capacity for large data transfer
  • Lowest per GB price in the market
  • Highly-scalable service offering
  • User-friendly: Easy to install and operate
Other services
Enhanced IoT and M2M communications
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KEPLER develops next-generation satellite communication technologies and provides global satellite data backhaul services for wideband and Internet of Things applications with the long-term goal of building a network of satellites to provide in-space connectivity.
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