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Global Data Service™

Kepler’s Global Data Service™ offers an economic means of moving large scientific data files from anywhere to everywhere. The days of shipping hard drives via planes and vessels are over.

Scientific Stations

Seismic and hydrographic survey vessels collect large volumes of deep-sea seabed and topographic mapping data. High bandwidth connectivity gets this data to clients’ servers and improves survey efficiencies.

Oceanographic Vessels

Whether for scientific activities, providing escort services, or carrying out search & rescue operations, ice-capable vessels of all kinds operate in high latitudes and are incapable of connecting to high-bandwidth connectivity services for transfer of operational or crew morale data.

Autonomous Weather Stations

Cruise passengers are increasingly seeking an at-home quality of connectivity while on vacation, including the ability to access high-bandwidth media and entertainment services delivered via satellite.

Research Stations


Autonomous Weather Stations

When remotely deployed, whether temporally or not, communications become essential to guarantee a successful and resource-efficient mission. Scientists deployed in remote locations can use Global Data Service™ to improve their communications network, increasing the speed of data distribution and overall operations that allows for faster collaboration between institutions Global Data Service™ delivers two-way high-bandwidth data services to communicate while and send large files such as multimedia files, weather and ice information.


Unparalleled bandwidth for maritime


Innovating farming technology


Monitor assets all over the world


Secure data services for government

*Subject to user equipment and location. Kepler’s Terms of Service apply. Contact Kepler for additional information about your unique requirements.