Secure Pole-to-Pole Connectivity for the world's most demanding applications
Pole-to-Pole Coverage
High-Capacity Ku-band Coverage
Compatible with existing VSATs
Customized Service Offerings for Unique Operations
Rapid Deployment Capabilities
Global Data Service™
Arctic Sovereignty

Robust pole-to-pole connectivity for vessels and reconnaissance aircraft is necessary for nations to monitor the high north to ensure their rights to Arctic sovereignty.

Search & Rescue Operations

Coast Guard and Navy vessels are used for search & rescue operations where robust connectivity is necessary to ensure safety during operations.

UAV Reconnaissance

As the majority of reconnaissance drones operate in Ku-band, Arctic operations often mean a loss of connectivity to traditional satellites. Our service gives UAVs the ability to have complete global coverage.

Highly customizable services enabled by small satellite constellations
Distributed satellite assets ensures no single point of weakness
Customized service can be designed and built within 12 months
Pole-to-Pole high-bandwidth coverage

PolarConnect™ is a communications solution specifically designed for high latitudes where high bandwidth services are unavailable.

Powered by a fleet of low Earth orbiting nanosatellites, PolarConnect enables organizations operating at the Earth’s extremes to connect and share information with other regions of the globe.

KEPLER develops next-generation satellite communication technologies and provides global satellite data backhaul services for wideband and Internet of Things applications with the long-term goal of building a network of satellites to provide in-space connectivity.
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