From Anywhere

To Anywhere

Move any amount of data from any location on Earth.*
Easy to set up on most common VSATS.

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Pole-to-Pole Connectivity

Guaranteed Capacity

Secure Connection

Network Resiliency


Move your data from anywhere to anywhere. Global Data Service is a high-capacity low-Earth orbit satellite network capable of transferring hundreds of GBs per month to and from any point on the globe. Kepler’s system is designed to be compatible with existing off-the-shelf, fixed-deployable, maritime antennas, and next-generation flat panel antennas. 

3 Steps to Start

Select compatible antenna

If you already own a compatible VSAT antenna, you’re ready to move to step 2! If you require an antenna, please contact our sales representative team, they will gladly assist you with finding the right antenna for your needs.

Integrate the Kepler GDS™ Terminal

The GDS™ terminal consists of both a server and a modem. Once installed, interconnections are required between the Local Area Network (LAN) and the server as well as the Antenna Control Unit (ACU) and the modem. The server and modem require 1U each and ACU’s typically require 1U.

Meet all your data needs

Connect to the GDS™ server through your LAN IP using a File Transfer Protocol. All done! You’re ready to begin moving all the data you want wherever you want.

*Subject to user equipment and location. Kepler’s Terms of Service apply. Contact Kepler for additional information about your unique requirements.