Connected Devices, Everywhere

Connect all your machines, all over the planet, with EverywhereIoT™. In a world that rapidly digitizing, our network provides the best possible service for the industrial Internet of Things.

Flexible Data

You can expect more with Kepler. Delivering more data per device than any other satellite service.

Global Coverage

A truly global service, that is available where ever your IoT devices may be.


Devices can send and receive data for configuration and firmware updates, increasing the utility of IoT deployments.

Industrial IOT

Around the Globe

The Internet of Things is being used by companies to digitize and revolutionize their industries.

Smart Agriculture
Environmental Monitoring
Asset Monitoring
Wildlife Tracking
Weather Tracking



The numbers back it up.

Send up to MBs per month
Global Coverage
Bi-directional communications for firmware updates
Credit card sized devices for easy integration into your systems



Irrigation Systems

Monitor moisture levels of crops that are poorly covered by terrestrial connectivity with an affordable IoT solution.

Crop & Livestock Health

Access data on the health of crops and livestock allowing for more agile, better-informed decisions.

Cost Management

Avoid costly unforeseen issues with predictive maintenance, and use data to allocate funds more efficiently.

Logistics & Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Connect shipping assets, such as railcar wagons and trucks for usage monitoring, component wear, and predictive maintenance.

Cargo Monitoring

Gather actionable insights into the location and status of goods shipped by containers anywhere in the world. EverywhereIOT™ helps to ensure that connectivity is never a barrier for global operations.

Predictive Maintenance

Access to abundant data allows enterprises to pinpoint inefficiencies with precision accuracy.

*Subject to user equipment and location. Kepler’s Terms of Service apply. Contact Kepler for additional information about your unique requirements.