A Shared Victory


There is no more gratifying glory than shared victory.


Two weeks ago, we launched our first satellite to space and began testing telemetry and control of the spacecraft from our ground station in Markham, Ontario. That is a victory in itself! One that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the support of Nextologies, who is hosting our much-needed Telemetry, Tracking and Control (TT&C) station. The successful rollout and commissioning of the ground station was crucial for establishing contact with our spacecraft right after launch.





The rooftop space -including network and power access- provided by Nextologies has proven to be key in establishing communications with KIPP; our first satellite in orbit and the first commercial Ku-band nanosatellite ever launched in low earth orbit (LEO). Our TT&C station can do everything from tracking to controlling spacecraft through commands that prompt specific behaviors. This is especially crucial in the early days of spacecraft on-orbit, also known as “Launch and Early Operation” for commissioning all the subsystems onboard (e.g. a stable attitude control system).


Satellites represent a huge investment as well as responsibility, and so it is making sure they perform as expected and for as long as possible. By downloading logs and analyzing telemetry data we are able to listen; to the health of the spacecraft and assume command over it, which will allow us in turn to provide a better service for our clients.


After a full week of continuous monitoring and testing from our headquarters in Toronto through our TT&C station in Markham, we can confirm that KIPP is healthy and stable. We would like to extend a special recognition to our friends from Nextologies for being such great hosts. Certainly, an occasion we would not want to pass unnoticed; there is every reason to celebrate this victory together.





Nextologies, provides Fibre, IP and Satellite Transmission services for a wide range of clientele worldwide. It is a partner of the Ethnic Channels Group Limited. As specialists of high-quality broadcast video connectivity in HD or SD, Nextologies also provides complete solutions to meet all broadcasting needs.

Victoria Alberto
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